Discharge Printing is a method which uses a color destroying agent to bleach the dye from a garment. This changes the printed area back to the natural or “raw” garment color which is usually a tan color. This is referred to as a Pure Discharge. We then add a color pigment infused as a dye that is immune to the dyeing agent that will produce a vibrant color with a soft hand feel. This is referred to as a Color Discharge Imprint. This ink method is generally used on medium to dark colored shirts. It works with a variety of brands and styles of T-Shirts, with some styles and colors having stronger results than others. Discharge inks do have limitations; it will not print properly on cotton blends or certain jewel tone shades such as: red, purple, jade, turquoise, royal blue, and kelly green. If you are looking for a soft-hand imprint in both look and feel, we recommend choosing a quality garment that is 100% cotton on a brand that specifically guarantees their garments are “Dischargeable”.  If not, then an alternate Ink Method such as Water Based Ink maybe more effective. And yes, it feels as soft as it looks! If a “vintage” look is what you are after, please consult with a WestCoast Shirtworks Team Member to ensure proper ink-to-garment compatibility. Garments printed with Discharge Inks should be washed before you can feel the full potential of the soft hand feel.