Customer-Focused Graphic Design.

We know how hard you have worked to build your business. You are always striving to reach more customers, increase profits and build upon your company image. We understand, and we are here to help your business grow and look its very best.

At WestCoast Shirtworks we understand that different projects require special amounts of attention as well as budget and scheduling considerations. We are happy to work with you to best accommodate your situation. In order to produce the best products and design work, there needs to be harmony between creativity and function. Ideally, that means there is a balance between 3 real factors: time, money and quality.
You simply can’t cut one or more and expect the others to stay strong.

Color Separation Services

The color separation process is a crucial element in the development of a great screen print. You have put a lot of thought into your image and we want to do everything possible to reproduce that image to your expectations. Our 25 plus years of experience has allowed us to work with art directors, printers, even ink and equipment companies to fine tune our color separation skills. We take all steps possible to give you an affordable, realistic separation to reproduce. By taking out the guess work, we provide quicker screen set ups, predictable results, and brighter colors for beautiful prints. Every Time!


Film Output Services

We serve printers, graphic designers, silkscreeners, electronic output firms, and artists who require high-quality waterproof film for digital color separations. Let our experts give your digital file the attention to detail required for an exceptional reproduction.

When sending files, we require it to be sent in one of the following formats:

  • Adobe Illustrator (ai, eps or pdf) Image must be to final output size. Each color must be a spot color. CMYK or RGB images will not output.
  • Adobe Photoshop (psd, dcs 2.0, tif) at 200 dpi or higher at size, separated colors must be saved to channels.
  • If the image has halftone dots, please specify line screen and frequency. We recommend 45 lpi for most applications and 55 or 65 lpi if you need to hold really fine detail. By default, we run all spot color half tones at 22.5 degrees with an elliptical dot. Other dot sizes and angles available upon request.