Your design imprint size is dependent on the shirt sizes you order.

The actual image size for your design will depend on the smallest size garment you order. While keeping your design in proportion, we will set your imprint size to either the height or width maximum of the smallest garment size in your order.

Imprint size must remain constant.

Even though the shirt size width and height will progressively grow larger with each increase in shirt size, the screen printed image size will remain the same. The below example has a 9″ wide by 9″ tall design placed on shirts size ranging from youth extra small to adult XXL.  As you can see below, the image looks different depending on the size of the shirt.


If your screen print order requires you to have a full range of apparel sizes and you believe your design may appear too small on your larger sizes, then consider ordering separate imprint sizes of the same design for your order.